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I might be making a trip to Devon & Cornwall sometime end July and early August. Drop me a note if you’re keen on having a shoot there. Otherwise, there are still other places to explore. Here’s our travel plans so far (some are confirmed,…

Devon & Cornwall


There are times where you’ll like to just let the photos do the talking. Jia Rong & Ying’s wedding was one of such. Like the saying goes – a picture speaks a thousand words, a series of them says even more. Lucheon: InterContinental Singapore Make-up &…

Jia Rong & Yingyu


This was a very interesting wedding to say the least. The wedding venue was smacked in the middle of no where, about one hour’s drive away from Kuala Lumpur city centre, Surrounded by lush greenery, very breezy and a tad cooler than elsewhere in the vicinity ,…

Adam & Charlotte at Tanarimba

Overseas Pre-Wedding / Penang / Film Wedding Photography by Wedding Film Photographer Brian Ho from thegaleria

I’m back to my hometown in Penang  on a very short trip (Apr 30 – May 1). If you’re keen on having a shoot in the UNESCO heritage old town, you know who to look for. If Penang isn’t quite your thing, check out some…

I’m off to Penang (Apr 30 – May 1)


This album has been known by many names in the past but most who have seen this album would describe it as a “Photo Frame” photo album simply because every page is indeed a framed picture by itself. This is by far the most time consuming album to make…

FineArt “Artiste” Photo Album

Wedding Photography at Corner House Botanic Gardens by Film Wedding Photographer Brian Ho from thegaleria

These series of images were taken way back in Aug 2015 but I guess it’s never too late to share. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been back at Corner House. The last time I was here for a wedding photography assignment, it was…

Peter & Yaw Hwee


I’m off to Putian & Hong Kong in early April as part of my “The Road Less Travelled” Pre-wedding Project, uncovering some of hidden gems and places unknown to people. Join me as I take this leap of faith

Putian & Hong Kong

Hong Kong Pre-Wedding by Film Wedding Photographer Brian Ho from thegaleria

There are two things I love about Hong Kong. Firstly (and not surprisingly), the food. Secondly, the haphazard nature of the city which gives it what I call a “chaotic vibrancy”. The first thing I discussed with Yang Kang & Jessica for the shoot was…

Yang Kang & Jessica / Hong Kong


Bryan is my wife’s very close cousin, so needless to say I had to attend the wedding. Having been a wedding photographer for as long as I could recall, I could never sit down and have a proper meal (at weddings). Call this an occupational hazard but…

Bryan & Shuting


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference” – Robert Frost (1874-1963) This year, we’ve decided to take our PRE-WEDDING sessions to THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED, exploring some of the lesser known wonders around the world.…

Road Less Travelled – A Pre-Wedding Project




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